Question by ⊥ Bag: from Thailand to Australia by sea?
has anybody ever done it before, actually i am going to Thailand in a couple of weeks and i was just thinking about taking a cruise and i want to stay on a boat as long as i can and the longest route i can afford is from thailand to Australia, my main concern is that i hold a China passport and i don’t have a VISA to go to Australia, but i don’t care if i can get off the ship, i just want to be floating on the sea for a couple days, so will they let me on their ship if don’t have a VISA to Australia, how exactly can i make this happen
Thank you !

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Answer by spanky
Yo Bag! – – surely it has been done before – – people have sailed around the world – – you got a boat? go for it – a couple of days – no way – – a couple of months maybe – – floating on the sea?? you will likely hit some pretty rough waters, and if the boat has any value, pirates might take you on – – but hey, a dream is a dream – – right?

sure, some dreams turn into nightmares – – you sound inexperienced, this might be better as just a dream.

keep on dreaming though, and find some that are more realistic – or make the necessary preparations and do this one.. it will not be easy.

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