Question: Will I have the services of your private tour guide while on board?

Question: No, You might not get the private tour guide while on the board. All the onboard activities are arranged by the cruise company. Your private tour guide will not be accompanying you during the cruise. All the activities and shore excursions during the cruise are fully managed by the cruise company and it is subjected to change without prior notice.

Question: Is water onboard safe for drinking?

Answer: The advance water purification and sterilization equipments offer you clean tap water.

Question: Do staffs onboard speak English?

Answer: Yes, each ship has at least one knowledgeable foreign nation cruise director. Apart from it, most of the service staff speaks English as well.

Question: Can I use my shaver or hair dryer on board? What is the voltage on board?

Answer: Many ships will provide you the hair-dryer in your cabin for your convenience. Most of the Yangtze cruise ships have 110V outlet in bathroom and 220v in Cabin.

Question: what are the special diets catered?

Answer: Most of the ship will provide vegetarian, low-carbohydrate, salt-free, Kosher and other diet preferences. However, the request should be made in advance while booking the cruise.

Question: Are medical services available?

Answer: Yes, professional medical services are available on all Yangtze cruise ship and each ship usually has a doctor and health clinic

Question: What is the onboard smoking policy?

Answer: All ships have smoking areas as well as non-smoking areas. Smoking is usually allowed only on the observation deck.

Question: Is there any laundry service onboard?

Answer: Laundry services like washing and ironing are available but the dry cleaning facility is not available.

Question: Is there facility for internet on board?

Answer: Yes, Phone call services and Internet access services are available via the satellite services. Some of the other secretarial services like simultaneous translation, typing, photocopying, personal computers and fax facilities are available in the business centre. However, for using these services, you need to pay some extra amount. You should bring you own cell phone onboard.

lip1[� i_�&�&-gif” o:title=”degree”/> C in July and 10C in January. Spring and autumn is the best season. During the summer, thunderstorms are frequent causing the water level of river to rise. This generally occurs between July and September. The winter is cold and short.


Question: Which is the high season?

Answer: The high season is defined by the companies based on their cuisse line as well as the water level. Generally, April, May, September and October are the high season for cruising.
Question: How can I get to the ship and how early should I arrive there?

Answer: You can get the details of the itinerary like the name of the port and time of departure from the Cruise Company or travel agent. You need to reach few hours before the departure of the ship.

Question: Which kind of clothing should I bring?

Answer: We suggest you to bring jeans, T- Shirts, light jacket and light weight windbreaker if you are going to plan your cruise during autumn and spring. For cooler days, you should carry a light sweater. You should bring cotton T-shirts, shorts, cap/hat, sunglasses and suntan lotion for cruise on summer days. Sweater is a must if you are cruising in winter. You can carry comfortable walking shoes, sneakers, sandals.

There are general two formal nights which include the Captain’s Welcome Cocktail Party and Dinner and the Captain’s Farewell Dinner. So, it is suggested that you should dress up accordingly for such a formal occasion. Coat and tie for gentlemen and gown or formal dress for ladies is recommended.

Question: What if I arrive late?

Answer: You can miss your ship as scheduled due to some unavoidable reasons. You can contact your cruise company in that case and tell them about your situation.