Question: What is the currency used onboard? Is currency exchange service available onboard?

Answer: Generally, no cash transactions are made onboard. Instead, a tally of the expanses is kept for each passenger. Before disembarkation, the passengers are required to pay their bills using major currencies like British Pounds, US dollars, Chinese Yuan, Euro or major credit cards like VISA, MasterCard or American Express. The currency exchange service is available at the reception desk.

Question: Does the cabin have safes?

Answer: Yes, each cabin is fitted with safe.

Question: I have problem while waking for a longer period of time. How can I join the shore excursions?

Answer: There will be many local porters for serving you during your shore excursions. Two of them will carry you in a bamboo chair, for which you are required to pay about CNY20.00 – CNY30.00 (US$2.50 – US$4.00). This will be very convenient as well as helpful for you.

Question: how much I need to pay to the porters when I embark and disembark?

Answer: It depends upon the tour package from where you have booked. But, generally you do not need to pay unless you want to give them tip. You guide generally will pay portage to them.

Question: What about tipping?

Answer: Tipper is the matter of your personal preference. An additional tip to any staff member who has provides some special service is solely upon your discretion. Tips to shore excursion guide are not at the discretion of passengers.

Question: How the passengers with special physical or medical needs are treated?

Answer: If you need some special physical or medical or relevant needs like wheelchair then you should inform in advance while booking your trip and check if these facilities are available or not. For several years, Yangtze cruise companies have improved their facilities so that even a physically challenged person can enjoy his/her trip to the fullest.