Question by delive_rance: Hypothetically in this situation what stand do you think the Philippines will make?
People’s Republic of China invaded the Democratic Republic of China which is Taiwan and to the other side North Korea began to invade the South and also agitated Japan with its cruise missiles launch toward the islands within Japan territories.

What will the Philippines do in this kind of scenario within Southeast Asian countries involved in such tremendous pressure from the US government to stop hostilities.
We always have the notion that the hostilities will not spill over to our own backyard that is why we probably do nothing about it, but as nation that is not suppose our attitude don’t you think as a party of the whole Southeast Asian countries and a part of the UN nation we should some how built a solid solution to the conflict. As a President of the Philippines what do you think you should be doing instead of watching it live on tv? As one suggest here that as a poor country we mind our own business the same attitude before WW2 when Japan invaded China nobody leap a finger against it and the whole region came up in flames later on when Japan invaded all the countries in Southeast Asia. We should learn from our history books.

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Answer by PUTAgenic Gurl
A country with only sticks and stones for its weapons should not get involved.

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