Question by : Aussie travelling to USA – your suggestions?!?
My partner & I are travelling to the USA in August/September 2011 and I’d like some pointers from some locals if possible please… We wanted to do so much but after consideration we have realized that we just can’t cram it all into one trip and are best to really have a good look at a couple of places and if need be its just a good excuse to come back for a second trip.

When flying to USA from Australia, you have to fly into LA before anywhere else so we might as well spend a day or two there to start with. My partner really (for some reason) doesn’t want to be in LA so just thought we could do Disneyworld and universal studios in Orlando…

Please see my “hopeful” itinerary below and let me know if you think I should can anything or add anything… thank you for all your help!

LOS ANGELES – 2 days
-Walk of Fame
-Venice Beach
-Sunset Blvd
-Rodeo Drive

LAS VEGAS – 4 days
-Caesars Palace
-Treasure Island
-Bellagio Fountains
-Venetian Hotel/Casino
-M&M/Coca Cola factory
-Cirque Du Soleil (if in town at that time)
-Mandalay Bay Aquarium (maybe not if the aquarium in Miami is better?)
-Grand Canyon

ORLANDO – 3 days
-Universal Studios
-Ripleys believe it or not
-Kennedy Space Centre

MIAMI 2 – 3 days
-Metro Zoo
-Maybe do a Bahamas cruise

BALTIMORE 1 – 2 days
-My partner LOVES NFL and we are hoping once the draw comes out we might be able to catch a Baltimore game as they’re his fav team!

NEW JERSEY – 3 days
-Cape May whale cruise

When in new jersey we will be spending time with family so they are going to do the whole “local tour guide” thing, same goes for New York City below, my dad and his partner are flying straight to LA then to NYC and going down to New Jersey for a week and then onto New York with other family for a week also doing the local tour guide thing… I don’t necessarily want to be in Jersey for a whole week so that’s why I threw Baltimore in there… not sure if a trip to see the whitehouse is worth the trouble?

NEW YORK CITY – 7+ days
-Time Square
-Statue Of Liberty
-Brooklyn Bridge
-Empire State Building
-Wall Street
-Central Park
-Rockefeller Centre
-China Town
-Soho district
-Ground Zero (which I believe has now been reinvented into a memorial park?)
-Staten Island
-Broadway Show?! I hope to catch one..

Any suggestions?!

We have a month maximum


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Answer by tom c
check for your guide to LA and NYC

There isn’t much to see in Las Vegas, Baltimore and New Jersey

Key West and two national parks( Biscayne, Everglade) are must see in Miami

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