Question by : Girls, what do you think about me? Would you want to date/be friends with a guy like me?
Ok, long list but here goes.

– I’m 15
– Asian-Canadian (born in Canada)
-Wears glasses (not nerdy ones though)
– Black hair styled similar to Daniel Craig’s
– I have above average intelligence (but not gifted)
– Christian-Catholic
– I enjoy Marksmanship and have a slick trigger finger with 90% accuracy
– Enjoys the occassional singing. Sounds a bit like Bruno Mars. high voice sounds like Prince. Attempted Michael Jackson but failed XD
– TV Shows: CSI, Everybody Hates Chris, Flashpoint, Dog the Bounty Hunter, CTV News???
– Movies: James Bond 007, Rush Hour, Kick-A**, Casino Royale, Speed, Spider-Man, Dark Knight.
– Music: Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Chris Cornell, Eminem
– Enjoys watching Chris Rock
– Conservative on Crime
– Wants to become a Police Officer when I’m older.
– Past crushes (for some reason) all looked similar to Chloe Moretz (yeah, had a crush on her too)
– Never had a girlfriend
– Never really had the guts to talk to a new girl
– Likes my drinks shaken, not stirred (except for soft drinks. I’d prefer neither method for that)
– Good at playing cards (Won $ 8500 in fake money in a Teen Casino on a cruise)
– A member of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets (which means I’m literally sworn in to serve Her Majesty the Queen)
– I know how to treat a girl well
– I travel a lot. I’ve been to Hong Kong, New York City, Bermuda, Macau, Vegas, China.

So, what do you think?

Please no answers like you’re a freak get out. Only honest answers please.

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Answer by Chooki
You seem like the average preppy guys and I prefer my men with an instrument in their hand!

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