Question by : Can I traveled the countries out of U.S on the sea with Visa experied?
I am an International Student in U.S who comes from China(who is non-us citizens). I am currently in U.S and my U.S Visa has been expeired one month ago, but my I-20 and I-94 are still valid. This spring break, I wanna take a cruise to travel Mexico or Bahhama, or Puerto Rico, Which island can I go without the risk that rejected by U.S when reenter? Can I go to Bahhama, Mexico or Maya?

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Answer by Brother_Hesekiel

The moment you leave the US, your I-94 is collected. In order to enter again, you will need a valid visa and a valid passport. Note that some visas transfer, meaning you get a new Chinese passport but if your visa in the old one is still valid, you just show the old passport together with the new passport at the point of entry.

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