Question by Chun: can I travel on a cruise-Western Caribbean with my green card and passport(china)?
I am thinking about going on a cruise to Western Caribbean with my husband BUT i’m not sure what documents do I need.
I am a permanent resident of united states with a green card. I have China passport. Do I need to obtain any visas before I leave? my passport expires in Dec. 27,2011, and I want to sail on May 7, 2011, will it be okay? it still got six months.
Carnival Cruise : the ports: starts in New Orleans, LA, then Belize, Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan ,Cozumel, Mexico, back to New Orleans, LA.

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Answer by Luis
You’ll be fine. Take the green card and your passport and just to be safe anything else you have that proves you’re here legally.

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