Question by American Dreamer: Are the Chinese REALLY as dumb as they want us to think?
Famously, the Chinese have always had a philosophy of foreign policy:
“Never show your capabilities”

Event #1:
Recently, they test flew their first “Stealth” fighter J-20 (it’s exact “stealthiness” is unkown to the West, but it is an evolution in that step).
And what was the West’s response?? Much concern & worry.
[But this runs counter to the philosophy of keeping a low profile while fighting capabilities are developed.]
China’s central media recently used a Top Gun clip in their news, as though it was an actual PLAA (Chinese Air force) exercise.
…OK, Now, one of two things:

A) Either the Chinese REALLY look up to Val Kilmer & Tom Cruise…OR
B) The Chinese come to Realize that they caused too much concern & alarm in America over their war tech advancements, and are NOW Trying to make us laugh at their military as a Joke (because now they perhaps realize that little Taiwan really does deserve the Hardware they have been pressing Obama for – Taiwanese want Latest version of F16, but Obama says “No”).
So, assuming the Chinese government doesn’t seriously look up to Val Kilmer & Tom Cruise, doesn’t this foreshadow their real intentions??…WHY else would they go SO far out of their way (to the point of looking like idiots) to make us relaxed??
And WHY doesn’t Obama give Taiwanese the latest version of F16’s they’ve been wanting (instead of minor upgrades to the old ones)??
If China’s getting more & more powerful everyday, then it’s only Inevitable that taiwan will be lost (so shouldn’t the US offer the taiwanese to make a Naval base on eastern taiwan for US ships)??…After all, We ALREADY have ports in US protectorats Japan & SKorea, so why not taiwan??

Best answer:

Answer by Irene Z
F16 for Taiwan? Why? What for? Taiwan and China are working closely together and for the first time in many decades, they can travel across to each other. Taiwan’s economy is closely linked to China – they use it for manufacturing. They are the no. 1 investors in China. If you think they’re still fighting, you need to read more news… The current party was voted in because of their policy to be friendly to China. The Kuo Ming Tang had taken a more relaxed stance to China because they need the customer base from China to sell their products. Business!!!!!!!!!!!

China has to tread carefully. They want to show they have capability to develop new technology but they are also respectful enough of the Obama administration to say ‘let me show you’, so you won’t be surprised and accuse China of ‘secret weaponry’. But that also means, China believed it needs the technology to stand up for itself and against big bullies if need be.

I’m Chinese and I can assure you – China won’t like to get into wars like America. Why? Cannot make money – only lose money. The economy and power of money is more important. The US should worry that 1 trillion US$ of your budget deficit is in the hands of the Chinese government. Yes, they hold your debt. That’s why US keep asking for an exchange rate readjustment. When you owe money to a bank, you are nice to a bank – that’s what’s happening.

Ironically, that 1 trillion debt is the cost of the Afghanistan and two Iraqi invasions. Yup, that’s dumb.

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