Question by Asian angel: 4. Would any English help me with this? Thanks! Is this correct in English?
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[Though Kaiyuan is not outstanding as a tourist city, its name spreads among travelers nationwide because of the rime. The rime on the Lujiang River is one of four natural wonders in China, enjoying equal fame as Guilin Mountains and Streams, Yunnan Stone Forest and the Three Gorges on the Yangtze River do. The rime, also called “snow willow”, “tree hanging”, “ice flowers”, “water vaporized flowers”, “silver flowers”, is a kind of phenomenon, in which winter fog condenses on the branches and leaves of trees to form separate, white ice crystals, according to metrology.]
Oh, dear! I have to face thouse stuff every day, and it’s so obscure, even native speakers can not correct them. Damn~~~~~~
You will see the Rime in these pics:

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Einstein corrected!

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