Question by : any ideas of a relaxing enjoyable time ? preferably a beach..?
i want to go somewhere with a beach, not somewhere in or really close to the US but around the other half of the world.
Ive been to the states,china,korea,thailand,philippines and i really do like those places but this time i want to go somewhere really peaceful but fun,like a beach with shopping centers or a boardwalk(if they have those there), and lots of fun entertainment. Also like a really beautiful scenery and maybe scuba diving. horseback riding sounds fun, and Id rather not hike. I wanted a cruise, but i don’t think a cruise,,my mind is open and id LOVE to hear of places that are affordable and worth the visit ASAP ! thank you 🙂
oh and id like to go for spring break. it’ll probably be just me. id like to meet new people, maybe experience another culture?not really sure, just some ideas.. but definately a beach, because of a move to another country,,i went through rough times, and i miss the beach and need some time to have fun and let the stress out. so im wondering whether there is a place that’s both really peaceful and yet exciting. and so the states is not an option. i hope this helps more

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Answer by JulieHunt
Hands down, Seychelles!! Stay at a guest house, and not hotels…you can get nice bungalows right at the beach. The islands are famous for huge granite rocks laying around, and it offers great scuba diving.

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