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Ideas for a Sweet 16 in NYC?

Question by goody2shoes: Ideas for a Sweet 16 in NYC?
For my Sweet 16, my mom is going to bring 4 of my friends and I to stay overnight in NYC. What are some fun things we can do and good places to eat? Also what good hotels can you recommend? We already came up with these:

-Go to the top of the Empire State Building
-Take a 2 hr cruise around NY on the Circle Line
– Visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral
-Rockerfeller Center
-Central Park (Maybe a horse drawn carriage ride)
-Possibly see an off Broadway Play so it isn’t too expensive
-Then just go shopping at Sephora, Toys R Us and Saks NY, etc.

For eating we were thinking of going to China Town or Mars 2112. Do you have any more suggestions. This will be in the summer also. Thanks!!

For restaurants

Best answer:

Answer by Ej
do it in the Marcy Project’s Ball Room and invite The Naked Cowboy.

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What are some ideas on what to do during the summer?

Question by Cris: What are some ideas on what to do during the summer?
A couple of friends and I decided to compose a list of 100 things to do this summer. Here is my list, please help in completing it.

Keep in mind I live in Los Angeles so many items on the list are only applicable there.

100 Things to do this summer

1.Make a video and post it on YouTube.
2.Call or text an old friend you haven’t spoken to in a long while.
3.Get a new hairstyle.
4.Start a collection.
5.Attend a Dodgers game.
6.Go to the beach.
7.Bury a friend in the sand.
8.Watch the sunset.
9.Have a bonfire.
10.Roast marshmallows and make smores.
11.Become a vegetarian for a week.
12.Go to a drive-in theatre.
13.Swim at a pool.
14.Buy a waterproof camera and take picture underwater.
15.Go to a dance club (Matinee, Mode 7, Dance, etc…)
16.Stay awake for 24 hours.
17.Go egging anything in sight.
18.Dress up fancy and go eat at a fast-food restaurant.
19.Go to a city/county fair or carnival.
20.Cruise down Hollywood Blvd and take a picture with a mass media character.
21.Go to an amusement park.
22.Read a book.
23.Commit a random act of kindness.
24.Participate in a contest.
25.Go to Las Vegas, Nevada (out of state).
26.Have a water balloon/water gun fight.
27.Go to a concert.
28.Learn to say hello in 10 foreign languages.
29.Get on a roof and begin stargazing.
30.Go to a recreational park.
31.Play a game of any sport (Basketball, Football, Volleyball, etc…)
32.Go bowling (Cosmic Bowling).
33.Bake a pastry (cookies, brownies, cake etc…)
34.Make a mixed CD of your favorite songs.
35.Go hiking.
36.Have a sleepover.
37.Watch a movie marathon.
38.Create a sidewalk mural with chalk.
39.Go to Griffith Observatory.
40.Sing karaoke or Rock Band/Band Hero.
41.Create a website.
42.Go on a bike ride.
43.Learn how to get hyphy (Ghost Ride the Whip).
44.Attend a Hardcore show.
45.Learn how to mosh (two-step).
46.Buy water applicable tattoos and wear them all day.
47.Go to an arcade (Heaven).
48.Toilet Paper someone’s house.
49.Eat at IHOP late at night (dusk).
50.Go to a mall, shop or window shop.
51.Play tag/hide & seek in a shopping mall.
52.Run up an escalator going down.
53.Go to an ice skating or roller blading rink.
54.Eat at a restaurant recommended by an acquaintance.
55.Go to a restaurant and flirt with your waitress.
56.Start a Coke and Mentos experiment.
57.Watch and light fireworks on Fourth of July.
58.Go to a flyer party.
59.Buy zany sunglasses and wear them in public.
60.Go to Golf n Stuff (miniature golf).
61.Prank call an innocent victim.
62.Go to a museum (art, history, science etc…)
63.Play various board games.
64.Go to Lil Tokyo.
65.Walk to Plazita Olvera.
66.Go to China Town.
67.Eat at Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles.
68.Sneak into an abandon hospital (Hollenbeck).
69.Go to a thrift store and purchase items within a spending limit.
70.Fiddle around with an Ouija board.
71.Volunteer at an event.
72.Have a Barbeque.
73.Donate to charity (Not necessarily money).
74.Play truth or dare.
75.Learn a new skill.

Best answer:

Answer by iheartbball13
well here is the list me and my friend came up with
1.Pull an all nighter
2.Midnight bowling
3.Midnight mini golfing
4.Have a bonfire party
5.Go to Catalina
6.Have a picnic
7.Go to Arizona
8.Lemonade stand and bake sale
10.Tie-dye t-shirts with kool-aid
11.Camping in dev’s backyard
12.Go shopping
13.Work out
14.Ultimate water balloon war
15.Go to the fair
16.6 flags!
17.Ice blocking
18.Have a bake-a-thon
19.Go to legoland
21.Paint balling
22.Sight see in Hollywood
24.Drive-in movies
25.Party at dev’s!
26.Go to thrift store, buy clothes and walk around town
27.Play hide and seek in the mall
28.City wide scavenger hunt
29.Get a black and white disposable camera
30.Dye hair
31.Have a picnic out on the ocean
32.Kayaking in la jolla cove
33.Go laser tagging
34.Food fight party
35.Jello wrestling
36.Ice Skating
37.Beach # competition
38.Teepee someon’s house
39.Make a music video
40.Watch the notebook and a walk to remember
41. Walk through a drive through
42.start a chain reaction @ a drive through
44.Junk food potluck sleepover!
45.Picture scavenger hunt!
46.Paint fight
47.Mall tag
48.Sleep outside
49.Learn how to skateboard
50. Kidnap eachother
51.Play flashlight tag
52.Play cellphone tag
53.Make some money—job!
54.Make a splatter painting
55.Go on a missions trip
56.Sell something on ebay
57. 2v2 beach volleyball
58.Go to IHOP at 1 am
59.Live without cellphone or computer for a day
60.Build a fort! Lol
61.Have a carwash
62.Ride public buses for a day

hope that helps!

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any ideas of a relaxing enjoyable time ? preferably a beach..?

Question by : any ideas of a relaxing enjoyable time ? preferably a beach..?
i want to go somewhere with a beach, not somewhere in or really close to the US but around the other half of the world.
Ive been to the states,china,korea,thailand,philippines and i really do like those places but this time i want to go somewhere really peaceful but fun,like a beach with shopping centers or a boardwalk(if they have those there), and lots of fun entertainment. Also like a really beautiful scenery and maybe scuba diving. horseback riding sounds fun, and Id rather not hike. I wanted a cruise, but i don’t think a cruise,,my mind is open and id LOVE to hear of places that are affordable and worth the visit ASAP ! thank you 🙂
oh and id like to go for spring break. it’ll probably be just me. id like to meet new people, maybe experience another culture?not really sure, just some ideas.. but definately a beach, because of a move to another country,,i went through rough times, and i miss the beach and need some time to have fun and let the stress out. so im wondering whether there is a place that’s both really peaceful and yet exciting. and so the states is not an option. i hope this helps more

Best answer:

Answer by JulieHunt
Hands down, Seychelles!! Stay at a guest house, and not hotels…you can get nice bungalows right at the beach. The islands are famous for huge granite rocks laying around, and it offers great scuba diving.

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Ideas for Oceanography Research Project?

Question by Claudia: Ideas for Oceanography Research Project?
I’m taking an online course in oceanography and for my final project need to submit a professional research proposal that will solve a current mystery/problem in oceanographical sciences. (for those of you who are unsure, oceanography covers all marine sciences, including but not limited to marine biology, geology, and chemistry) By the end of this week I need to submit my idea for my proposal. I’m not asking anybody to do this for me like some lazy answers people, but I would love some ideas for this project, as my mind is really at a blank. A few suggestions of oceanography mysteries or problems that CAN BE SOLVED in some way would be greatly appreciated!

One of the ideas I’ve considered is research on the rescue of the Chinese River Dolphin species, a species that has gone effectively extinct (there are maybe a dozen left in the wild, probably less) in the Yangtze River in China, the only place they are found. Any ideas on a project I could make out of this??

Note: I’m sure that at least half of the class is going to make their report on global warming and its effects on the ocean. Though this is a very important topic, I’m incredibly sick of talking about it and there really is a very limited range of research you can do. So unless you have a really unique idea of what I could talk about, I’m really not interested in global warming.

Best answer:

Answer by tom92117
Here’s a copied paragraph regarding sonar and pilot whales. It concludes with what do we do about it? Come up with a plausible solution and you have your paper.

“Active military sonars can harm whole populations of whales and dolphins. The latest evidence, sparse as it is, suggests that cetaceans may have learned to fear mid-frequency active sonars, and may flee from them when still very distant. That may deny them critical habitats, travel routes, and significant behaviors, and may even force them ashore. The cetaceans too close to the starting sonars may behave in ways that debilitate and kill them, or be directly injured by the sound. A short while ago this would have been hyperbole. Today it is a reasonable and precautionary assertion based on a consistent trend, made with the best scientific information available. The tragedy is that there are few ideas of what to do about it.”

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