When will the best time to appreciate the Three Gorges red leaves?

From the beginning of November every year to January of the following year, the Three Gorges seems to become a section of dazzling and magnificent red leaf gallery. It is colorful in mid-autumn, then become redder and redder in late autumn, and will be reddest in early winter.

The viewing period of the red leaves in the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River lasts for about 3 months, which lasts from the beginning of November to January the following year. Because the height of the mountain is different, the length of the red leaves blossom time is not the same, so the time lasts long. The viewing period of other red leaf scenic spots is only about one month.

The best place to view the red leaves of the Three Gorges

The red leaves of the Three Gorges are widely distributed, broadly speaking, it is covering the entire Three Gorges; the vast mountains and gorges, which is east to Yichang, Nanjinguan, Hubei, west to Chongqing Fengjie Qutang Gorge, south to Enshi, north to Daba Mountains, almost are all covered in pieces of red leaves for 70% of the mountain.

In a narrow sense, it is the territory of Wushan County. The most concentrated areas are Wushan County, with tens of thousands of acres of red leaves distributed on both sides of the Yangtze River from Qutangxia Gorge in the west and Wuxia Gorge in the east. The red leaves here gather the essence of the mountains and the essence of the red leaves, which makes it the best place to go.

Wushan’s red leaf has always been known for its largest area, most varieties, longest cycle, latest bloom, and the most beautiful scenery. Wushan County has red leaves all over the Wu Gorge Twelve Peaks, Little Three Gorges, Goddess Creek and other places, especially Goddess Creek and Cuiping Peak, Jixian Peak and other peaks and Bawuxia are the most concentrated, so these places will become crowded from mid-October.

How to appreciate the red leaves of the Three Gorges?

To appreciate the red leaves in Wushan, you can take the car up the mountain and hover along the highway to see the red leaves of the mountains at your sight; you can also take a boat to enjoy the red leaves of the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River on both sides; you can also hike the mountain red leaf forest trails or mule horse trails to get intimate contact with red leaves, take photography in the red leaves, look for poetic inspiration in the red leaves, collect red leaves as specimens. In short, there is endless fun.