The Chinese Goddess series luxury cruises include two cruise ships: Goddess Xianting and Xianna. Cruise ships have unique characteristics in decoration. They rely on the cultural heritage of the Three Gorges Goddess story to establish goddess sculptures, reliefs, pictures and so on. Visitors can watch these cultures on cruise ships and learn about the story of the goddess and historical legends of the Three Gorges. Walking on the boat is like being in the story of a goddess. It is a fantastic combination of fantasy and wonder. Of course, in addition to this feature, the Chinese Goddess series luxury cruise’s hardware facilities are also very comprehensive, such as: business rooms, standard rooms, gyms, cigar bars, online clubs, barbecue bars, beauty salons, Chinese and Western medical museums and theaters. If you want to make your trip to the Three Gorges interesting and different, then Chinese Goddess series luxury cruise is your best choice.

When you taking the Chinese Goddess series luxury cruises to enjoy the Yangtze River, here are some tips for you to have a better experience there:

Tips1: take your ID card or passport all the time as you will always encounter a discount.

Tips2: take your own lightweight cups, kettles, toiletries as it is still best to use your own items so as to keep healthy.

Tips3: take your skin care products, sunscreen, sunglasses (summer) and woman’s personal hygiene products as these items are necessary for every woman. Otherwise, you will turn black a lot when you return back from Yangtze River.

Tips4: take your umbrella or raincoat; it is recommended to prepare these items for any season in case it rains.

Tips5: take with some cash, and then prepare a small and strong package to open up important items and cash. Take care of your personal property when you are enjoying yourself during your trip to the Three Gorges while taking the Chinese Goddess series luxury cruises.