by vikash on May 2, 2013

Covering an area of 15 kilometers, Yambajan is located in the northwest of Lhasa. Precisely situated at the foot of Mountain Nyaingentha, the charming Yambajan is surrounded by icebergs, snowy mountains and virgin forests. To add the beauty, a beautiful meadow lies in the middle of it. The main attraction of Yambajan is its hot springs.

Tibet is known as the place for great hot springs all around China. One of them is Yambajan. Apart from the common springs, the springs in Yambajan can reach the highest temperature. It results in geysers and boiling springs.

Yambajan Yambajan

The consideration of making Yambajan to be more than just a place for enjoying hot springs has begun since 1974. The Chinese government has allocated more than two hundred millions to the effort of creating Yambajan as the heat resources of Tibet. After much of hard work, slowly, the effort has shown promise. In 1970, the first generating plant was constructed. It is now providing up to 45% electricity of Lhasa.

The biggest Hydrothermal Power Plant is located in Yambajan. It has been an attractive spot recently for its scientific site and special landscape. Many foreigners especially come to Yambajan just to experience the plateau hot springs. Surprisingly, the hot springs are not merely a tourist attraction. Yambajan hot springs contain sulfured hydrogen that is beneficial for many chronic diseases. Visitors can also visit the Hydrothermal Power Plant followed by an enjoyable bath in hot spring. However, taking a long bath in the hot spring is not advised as it may cause tiredness due to the high altitude.

Yambajan Yambajan

One wonderful thing about Yambazan is that it stays as a green area surrounded by regions of frozen lands with iceberg for over half a year. Yambajan in the morning offers great scenery. Resembles a fairy land, the morning Yambajan atmosphere combines with rising mist from the lake is just perfect.


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