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1. What sparked the Philippine Insurrection?
(Points: 1)
The United States’ decision to keep the Philippines

Long-simmering Filipino anger at Spain

A misunderstanding between the Spanish minister and Emilio Aguinaldo

The British refusal to leave the Philippines

2. What nation acted as a buffer between French Indochina and Burma?
(Points: 1)

New Guinea



3. Which was not something that imperialist powers sought in Southeast Asia?
(Points: 1)




4. Why did Britain benefit from controlling Singapore?
(Points: 1)
It had the largest navy in Southeast Asia.

It was a convenient stopping point for ships traveling to and from China.

Its location at the mouth of the Yangtze River made it an ideal port.

Its location in the Philippines made it a convenient port for Spanish traders.

5. What is one reason that timber was in demand?
(Points: 1)
The United States banned the export of timber.

Britain had a large trade deficit with China.

The amount of sea trade had increased.

Wooden skyscrapers were becoming more common.

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