Question by Jw Crabtree: what would a traumatized soldier do in this situation?
okay i am writing a book and in it there is this a traumatized soldier, after he leaves the military, years later he is hired to take and protect this 14 year old boy, who has received several threats against his life, from his school in china to his home in boston, when certain event force them to take a cruise liner instead of flying they get into a fight and the man greatly insults the boy, which then leads the young boy to show his true talents and attack the barriers the man set up in his mind to cope with the traumatic events he experienced in service, while he tries to escape he is unable due to being miles from any kind of land, if he runs the boy will follow, he cannot assault the boy due to what he is being payed and he does not want to get arrested, all the while he is still attacking his mental barriers trying to rip them down one by one, so my question is how would a traumatized soldier react to this? what would he say? where would he go if he was trapped on a cruise liner in the middle of the ocean?

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Answer by LarrySmile
YO Crabtree!

Why are you giving out the plot of your book?
Don’t you know that other writers will steal it – your ideas and finish and copyright the book before you?

If you want to co-write the book with me for a percentage of the royalties, contact me.

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Larry Smith
Senior Master Sergeant, USAF (Ret.)
First Sergeant

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