Question by Noah H: What is the overall impact of melting glaciers?
India, Pakistan,Nepal, Bhutan, China. The Ganges, Indus, Brahmaputra, Mekong, yellow and Yangtze rivers. What all of these rivers have in common is that they’re fed by glaciers. All of the countries mentioned depend on these rivers for most of their water supplies. Three of these countries have nukes. Since 1960 1/5 of this ice has melted while populations have almost doubled….currently about three billion people. China projects a 43% further decrease in glacierated areas in the next 50 years. Time to worry about melting ice, or ignore the implications?

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Answer by Morpheus
Oh man – we’re going to turn this place into a bad desert. Food and water will get real scarce in the next 50 years. Disaster is headed our way – but at least the republicans are still insisting that it’s a “myth”.

You got to love those republicans. But it will be fun to watch them starve to death.

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