Question by Allison: What is on your bucket list?
I’m only fifteen, but I decided to make a bucket list to accomplish when I get older, so I was curious to see what other people have on theirs.
Here is mine-
-Marry my boyfriend which I have been completely in love with for over two years now
-Go to Italy
-Live in a big city for at least a year
-Read the entire Bible
-Get a tattoo
-Go swimming with dolphins
-Paint a pretty picture
-Have someone paint a picture of me
-Be a member of the audience in a TV show
-Go on a cruise
-Write a book, it doesn’t have to become popular, just write one
-See the New Year’s ball drop in person in Times Square
-Donate to a charity
-Sleep under the stars
-Go scuba diving
-See a Broadway Play
-Go in a hot air balloon
-Visit the Holy Land
-See the Statue of Liberty
-Go to France
-Go shopping all day
-See the Great Wall of China
-Learn to surf
-Go to Hawaii
-Try a unique, weird food
-Ride a horse on a beach
-Eat at one of those underwater restaurants
There are more, but that is all I can think of right nowww.

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Answer by get over it
i hope you are very outgoing and adventurous to get that all accomplished. it’s quite an exciting list.

* i’ve been to Italy a couple of times, but one of my goals, is to live there for a month or so and test out my Italian that i’ve been learning lol.

* I’d also like to visit Hawaii, Tahiti, Canada, and Australia.

* Swim with dolphins

* Help save some injured and abused animals. And adopt a rescued dog or 2. =] I love animals.

* Design my own house.

There are so many things I wish to be able to do in my future. I can only wish to fulfilll them and live my life to the fullest.

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