accommodation of  the 3-day-yangtze-cruise
accommodation of the 3-day-Yangtze-cruise

Anyone who is planning a trip anywhere is looking for the travel combination: the less money and the maximum enjoyment. It is just as those people who want to get the best products by paying less money. Is it possible? Of course yes it is! See here about the Yangtze cruise, no matter you are looking for the most budget ways, the cheapest ships or making use of your money for your Yangtze River, you will find it meaningful and worthy of a visit as I’m telling you about the top budget Yangtze cruise ships: 3-day Yangtze Cruise, the popular 4-star President Cruise ships and the luxury Victoria Cruise at an unbeatable low price but providing great value for money.



The Cheapest 3-day Yangtze Cruise Ships

The 3-day cruise, with its price starting only from $232, is the only ship offering 3-day Yangtze cruise among all the Yangtze ships and it contains an essential Three Gorges cruise from Wanzhou to Yichang and a land tour in Wanzhou County with about 3-hour-drive from Chongqing. If you’d like to visit the Wanzhou County during your cruise, don’t worry about the extra payment as the transfer between Chongqing City and Wanzhou County is included in the price.

Ships operating the short 3-day Yangtze cruise are President No.2, President No.3 and M.S. Victoria No.1. All of them are 4-star cruise ships and they are ideal choice for you if you are short in money or time. Paying the less money, you can view the beauty of the essentials in the Yangtze River such as the Three Gorges Dam, the amazing Three Gorges and kinds of shore excursions, though you are enjoy just the basic services and not so luxury accommodations onboard.



Popular 4-star President Cruise Ships

President Cruise, a deluxe fleet sailing along the Yangtze Three Gorges of China and one of the most popular Yangtze Cruise fleets because of its delivering splendid voyage experience and quality service, boasts eight ships on the Yangtze five being 5 star vessels and the remaining three are 4 star standard.

restaurant of the president no.6 cruise

restaurant of the president no.6 cruise

Its 3 budget ships are at the competitive price only from $362 for classic cruises between Chongqing and Yichang, especially the President No.1 and President No.6, and they offer deluxe stylish ships, comfortable accommodations, good services and leisure facilities for guests’ entertainment such as a Lounge Cafe, Beauty Salon, Gym room, Massage and Sauna Center, and Observation Lounge, Poker-playing rooms, a multi-functional hall and Clinic. The low passenger capacities of the ships will make it never crowded onboard, you will have a wonderful trip in this President Cruise.

5-star Victoria Cruise, the Great Value for Money


Victoria Cruise, the only American cruise line on the Yangtze River and the most popular cruise fleet on the Yangtze, operates 7 luxurious 5-star cruise ships on the Yangtze River with high-quality and outstanding service and innovative itineraries at the cheapest price among all the luxury 5-star ships. You will be attracted by its deluxe circumstances onboard, kinds of western and Chinese buffet, various kinds of culture lectures and interesting shore excursions; Moreover, the hospitality service on the ship is what you get more beyond the price, which will make your Yangtze River on the Victoria voyage enjoyable and wonderful!