Tourism is the growing industry in China and makes it not only a prime destination for business but a must see travel stop. Shanghai is the place where you can get the blend of cultures of west and Chinese culture and modern view of China. This is a must visit place if you are going to china.

If you are looking for a low price on travel then you should plan your trip during Low Season which is from December to February. The peak travel season is during the months of May, September and October.

You can get there by any international flight which is available from all major cities of the world. Shanghai has two airports which provide the international flight facility. It takes around 14 hours to visit Shanghai from New York. Each airport is equipped with the facilities like taxis, buses, duty free shops, post offices, bank for currency conversion, business and internet facility, restaurants and bars. It should be noted that the departure tax is paid in Chinese currency only. Children under the age of 12 and the transit passenger which are proceeding within 24 hours are exempted.

Once you are in Shanghai, there are many transport facilities available for you like rail, sea, bus or automobile. Railways are the best means for the transportation throughout China. Trains are much affordable, safe and well maintained.

Tipping is widely accepted and encouraged by the tour guides, car services and hotel staffs. If the tip is not figured into the bill in the restaurant, it is advisable to pay 10 to 15 percent tip.

You can get a variety of option for dining in Shanghai. There are many restaurants, bars, coffee houses in Shanghai. You can taste the traditional foods as well as western foods served by many restaurants in Shanghai.