Tiger Leaping Gorge

by jessica on May 19, 2013

Tiger Leaping Gorge Tiger Leaping Gorge

Being one of the narrow canyons in the world, the Tiger Leaping Gorge is located on the Jinsha River between the Lijiang Naxi autonomous county and the Zhongdian County in the northwest of the Yunan province. Featuring 16 kilometers, the altitude of the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain Peak in the south bank of the Tiger Leaping Gorge is 5596 meters, and the altitude of the Zhongdian Snow Mountain in the north bank is of 5396 meters, with the middle width of the river is only 30 ~ 60 meters. The Tiger Leaping Gorge is divided into three parts: upper Tiger Leaping Gorge, middle Tiger Leaping Gorge and down Tiger Leaping Gorge. For the elevation of the upper entrance is of 1800 meters, down entrance is of 1630 meters and both sides of the mountain and river differs from 2500 ~ 3000 meters. The steep valley-side slope makes it grand sight.

Tiger Leaping Gorge Tiger Leaping Gorge

The upper Tiger Leaping Gorge is the narrowest part which is only 9 kilometers away from the Tiger leaping gorge town beside the road; the middle Tiger Leaping Gorge feature big river face fall and it is only 5 kilometers away from the upper Tiger Leaping Gorge; and the down Tiger Leaping Gorge has a great and deep valley with the depth of 1 kilometer and it is near the entrance of the Tiger Leaping Gorge, where it is the best place to visit the majestic view of the Tiger Leaping Gorge.

Tiger Leaping Gorge Tiger Leaping Gorge

Travel information: 1) Ticket price: 50 RMB/ adult; 2) Opening time: 9:00 a.m. ~18:00 p.m. 3) Playing time duration: 2 days; 4) Best time to visit: spring time and summer time as they are suitable for hiking and the temperate then are moderate and you can see beautiful flowers here and there, besides, about 20 days after the Mid-autumn festival, the plateau there is covered with the autumn scenery; 5) Do remember to keep warm there as the day and night temperature difference is very big and ladies should prepare for sunscreen, sun hat, sunglasses because of the dry climate and strong ultraviolet radiation.

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