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geography questions due tomorrow, please help me.?

Question by >’_’: geography questions due tomorrow, please help me.?
1.)What is the capital of the South American country Brazil?

2.)Which country has the largest land area in the western hemisphere?

3.)A compass rose may show both cardinal directions and intermediate directions. What are cardinal directions? What are intermediate directions?

4.)Through which four South American countries does 20 degrees S latitude pass?

5.)The following are the four longest rivers in the world: 1. Nile, 2.Amazon3.)Ob-Irtysh $ .Chang Jiang (Yangtze)? On which continents are they found?

6.)Lima is the capital of Peru. Is it east or west of 80 degrees W longitude?

7.)Population density is the average number of people per square mile or square kilometer. Which country would you guess has a lower population density, Norway or Italy? Why?

8.)How many degrees south of the equator is the south pole?

~Thank you for helping me; And yes I’m very bad at geography, so I have to ask every week~
nope, i have 36 question, these are just the ones i don’t really get. >:0 thats why i need help?? hello to the person who said that?!
Thank you so much for helping me, it’s just that there’s always a few questions i don’t know for my study guide, thanks to you, I’m able to complete it, yay! ^^

Best answer:

Answer by critters
1. Brasilia
2. Canada
3. cardinal: north, south, east, and west; intermediate: northeast, northwest, southeast and southwest
4. Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Chile
5. Nile – Africa, Amazon – South America, Ob-Irtysh – Asia and Chang Jiang – Asia
6. east of 80° – it is 76° 55’°W
7. Norway is 12 people per KM, Italy is 196.1 /KM Norway is lower by far – reason Protestant with 82.7 % (more practice of bith control – family size is 1.4 children
Italy – Catholics make up for the 87.8% – have in the past had more children on average – generally family size in urban areas is 1.4 however in rural areas it is 4.0

– Italy has a better climate – maybe less people emigrate to another country – or perhaps more people who have emigrated return home when they are ready to retire (cheaper to purchase land/homes/to live)

8. 90

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I need to find a map for a quiz TOMORROW!?

Question by : I need to find a map for a quiz TOMORROW!?
I am having an Earth Science quiz on all these rivers and oceans and bays and such and i left the map at school..if someone could please help me find a map that LABELS all of these, it would be amazing.

1.Pacific Ocean
2.Atlantic Ocean
3.Arctic Ocean
4.Indian Ocean
5.Gulf of Mexico
6.Bering Sea
7.Hudson Bay
8.Arabian Sea
9.Red Sea
10.Caspian Sea
11.Aral Sea (Aralskoye)
12.Sea of Japan
13.Sea of Okhotsk
14.Weddell Sea
15.Mediterranean Sea
16.Persian Gulf
17.Black Sea
18.Gulf of Oman
19.Huang Ho River

20.Gulf of Aden
21.Bay of Bengal
22.North Sea
23.Baltic Sea
24.Barents Sea
25.Caribbean Sea
26.Coral Sea
27.Adriatic Sea
28.Mississippi River
29.Nile River
30.Amazon River
31.Ganges River
32.Indus River
33.Yangtze River
34.Yolga River
35.Congo River
36.Niger River

Best answer:

Answer by Kerry
Try Google maps. It will show all of them.

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How can I study more effectively for my geography final tomorrow? I need to locate 100 things[listed]?

Question by : How can I study more effectively for my geography final tomorrow? I need to locate 100 things[listed]?
I can’t remember where anything is and i need help studying for my geography final tomorrow. i need to locate 100 things- countries, landforms, and water. these are the things i need to locate:
Dominican Republic
North Korea
South Korea
New Zealand
The Philippines
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
Sri Lanka
Vatican City
bodies of water:
Amazon river
arabian sea
arctic ocean
atlantic ocean
bay of bengal
bering sea
black sea
caribbean sea
coral sea
east china sea
english channel
euphrates river
ganges river
gulf of mexico
hudson bay
indian ocean
lake titicaca
lake victoria
mediterranean sea
mississippi river
nile river
pacific ocean
panama canal
persian gulf
red sea
sea of japan
strait of gibraltar
strait of hormuz
strait of magellan
suez canal
tigris river
yangtze river
yellow river
andes mountains
cape of good hope
gobi desert
great barrier reef
greater antilles
horn of africa
lesser antilles
mt. everest
rocky mountains
sierra madre oriental
yucatan peninsula

PLEASE HELP IM TERRIBLE WITH STUDYING LOCATIONS!!! is there any kind of website that will let me design a map with all of these things on it? something helpful like that?? i cant remember where 75% of those things are at..:(

Best answer:

Answer by Matt
Just calm down and take it by chunks. Study the first ten one hour, next ten so and so forth. take breaks, cramming never helps:) Don’t screw around while studying, such as texting or listening to music. u have to stay focused on 1 thing.

Good luck hope u pass!

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