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Q&A: I am going to new york for nine days. Does anyone have a good daily itinerary that I can follow?More is better?

Question by New Yorkie: I am going to new york for nine days. Does anyone have a good daily itinerary that I can follow?More is better?
I am going to new york for nine days. First time. I want to do as much as possible. I was wondering if anybody has a good daily itinerary that I could follow? I want to do things close together in one day and so forth. Some of the major things I want to hit are Ground Zero, China Town, Times Square, Broadway, Central Park and it’s museums, greenwich village, sighttseeing cruises, empire state building, wax museum, manhatten mall, museum of modern art, nbc studio tour, skyride, rockefeller center, statue of liberty and ellis island, century 21, frozzen hot chocolate at serendipity, brooklyn bridge, and any other ideas that you think would be awesome. I have Phantom of the opera tickets already and I have a new york pass. We are staying right in Times Square if that helps any, and I would prefer to take the subway or other cheap ways of travel.

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Answer by mr danger
Just 3 things
If you can then change your hotel reservation from TS to the Upper West Side
Doing that will save you money and place you in a much better and non-touristy neighborhood
I mean you’re gonna be in town for 9 days you’ll feel better coming home to a neighborhood where real NY’ers actually live
NYC is a 24/7 city >use that to your advantage
Do the things that have got to be done before 5:00PM before 5:00PM
Go back to your hotel , take a nap for a couple of hours ,freshen up and then go out and play with the City at night
Lastly NYC is the greatest food city on the planet
On the things that NYers worship list Food is always on the top 3 .Take advantage of that by not using any chain restaurants x/c Dunkin Donuts and eating at local ethnic restaurants and getting authentic gourmet ethnic groceries at any one of the hundreds of such places scattered throughout the City and it’s boroughs.

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Very happy garden wedding and prepared for a good future together except for one issue…?

Question by : Very happy garden wedding and prepared for a good future together except for one issue…?
My wife’s work is in Sydney. The best chances she has for her tourism work is in that city due to the fact that her tourists first arrive in sydney loaded up. So she gets commission from them.

we just had our marriage ceremony today. Everyone was really happy! Now we are strapped for cash because we just returned from China. I got thrown a lifeline with an IT help desk role in Brisbane. I have another potential job in Sydney as a lab tech but I need to wait for the job applications to close. I have casual work lined up for assissting passengers on and off cruise ships.

So the number one concern for me at the moment is leaving my newlywed bride in Sydney whilst I work in Brisbane until something full time comes up in Sydney so we can be together again. She wont leave her job.

I’m debating what to do. I haven’t explored the option of the fly in fly out mine jobs. I fly up to Brisbane on thurs (company paid return flight). The big question is whether to take it or not. Maybe if I can come homd on weekends but there is a lot of weekend work in this job and the need to be on call. What would you do? Take the job or wait for more in Sydney to be with your partner. Both things are important and the family are divided on their opinions of staying or going…
Thankyou for the support. First, let me mention that I chose to tough it out in China between jobs so that we could be together. I wasn’t returning to Australia that easily.

So, I will go to Brisbane and sus out the situation and see if I can get weekends or a couple of days during the week to return to Sydney to spend time with the wife. If it doesn’t seem that good, I’ll work the casual jobs in Sydney until I get a decent full time job in the new year. I had planned to apply for the grad jobs in Sydney in Feb-April next year anyway…

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Answer by Meg
Honestly, I don’t understand how it could even be an option to be permanently living in a different city to your new wife… That’s not to say I dont think she is being stubborn… Hell yeah she is if she won’t compromise… But you married her probably knowing she was like that… So I guess you have no choice then to look for a job in Sydney if she flat out wont leave. But if it was me, I’d expect some compromise from her.

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Is this a good bucket list so far?

Question by : Is this a good bucket list so far?
1000 things to do before I die…..                                                              
1.Visit all 50 states 
2.Read 1,000 books
3.See 1,000 movies 
4.Walk on the great wall of china 
5.Climb a real real rock wall
6.Visit all 7 continents 
7. Ride the fastest roller coaster 
8. Sky dive 
9. Get married 
10. Have kids 
11. Go on a cruise 
12.  See the amazon 
13.hold my breath for a minute 
14. Learn to juggle 
15. Win big in Vegas 
16.take a picture pushing the leaning tower Of pisa 
17. Be on T.V 
18. Scuba dive 
19.  Boat down the mississippi river 
20. Speak 4 languages
21. Be an extra in a movie 
 22. Be in a flash mob 
23. Get my drivers licensee 
24. Learn to play an instrument 
25. Be in a music video 
26. Do a handstand on the ground and walk
27.  Invent something 
28.  Help out at a disaster site
29.  Bungee jump
30. Zip line 
31. See. Free elephant 
32. Eat a scorpion 
33. Spend a whole day in bed 
34.  Finish a 1,000 piece puzzle 
35. Visit my cousins in Italy 
36. Run a marathon 
37. Beat my dad’s marathon time 
38. Do a iron man (Hawaii ) 
39. Graduate college 
40.  Helicopter over grand canyon 
41. Ski in Colorado 
42.  Live on the land for a week ….. Month 
43. Get straight a’s
44.Use no electricity for a week
45. Finish a rubix cube 
46. Surf 
47.  Build a tree house
48.  Do 100 push ups without stopping 
49. Be in a protest 
50. Make varsity lacrosse 
51.  Go caving again 
52. Hike the edge line in az (spritaul mountain) 
52. Lift 200 pounds 
53. Do a back flip on a trampoline 
54. Meet a president 
55.  Win concert tickets 
56. Hitch hike 
57.  Go to the dead sea 
58.  Eat a whole large pizza by myself 
59. Look for a treasure chest 
60.  Take a picture with the new water fountains at Fremont 
61. Drive cross country 
62.  Knit my own shirt 
63.  Vs a pro in a sport 
64. Teepee a house
65. Ride a motorcycle 
67.  Eat a fish eye
68. Stay awake for 24 hours
69.  Get food from a plant I planted 
70. Play football in the rain 
71. Go skinny dipping 
72. Go streaking 
73. Sleep on water 
74. Break open a coconut with a rock
75. Send a message in a bottle 
76. Bob for apples
77. Eat at a 5 star restaurant 
78.  Blow up a car
79. Get 100 dollars in change 
80.  Not talk for a full day
81. Be the person to break open the piñata 
82. Throw a lacrosse ball across the length of the field 
83. Go to a super bowl 
84. Burn a picture of someone I hate
85. Donate blood 
86. Ride a mechanical bull
88. Go to jerry springer 
89.   See the pyramids 
90. Hitch hike 
91. Email mr.fennel at age 25 (Tim fennel) 
92.   Watch the ball drop in NYC 
93.  See Stonehenge  
94. Make a fire from starch 
95. Have a solar panel or wind mill
96. Cut down a Christmas tree 
97. Do something like ninja warrior 
98.  Stay off Facebook for two weeks 
99.   See the northern lights 
100. Swim under a real water fall
101. Take a 365 day challenge 
102.  Make a million dollars 
103.  Get my braces off 
104. Buy a suit 
105. Be on survivor or a show like it 
106.  Stand in four states at once 
107.  Ride a hot air ballon 
108.  Swim in all of the great lakes 
109.  Climb the stairs to the top of the Willis tower 
110. Swim the English 
111. Go fire walking 
112. Go zorbing 
113. Watch a rocket launch live 
114. Have a food fight 
115. Volunteer at a soup kitchen 
116. Quit a job 
117. Go to a place and ask for the use
118. White water rafting 
119. Make a difference in at least one persons life
120. Watch turtles hatch and run for the sea 
121. Be a vegetarian for a year 
122. Go to the olpymics watch or be in them
123. Kiss a stranger on the street 
124. Touch an iceberg 
125. Change a babies diaper 
126. Watch a meteor shower 
127. Midnight walk on the beach 
128. Buy a stranger a meal at a restaurant 

What else can I add ? Thanks


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Answer by Paralyzer Z
Needs more Chuck Norris.

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Is this a good eye catcher and 1st paragraph to a book?

Question by 7576reds: Is this a good eye catcher and 1st paragraph to a book?
P.s. Keep in ind im only 16

Prologue: Let me start off by saying the worlds in great shape, its year 2027 and we have civil war in Russia…..again.
There’s a big mound of dirt of what WAS China, corrupt and taken over by war, what was once a country of 1.5 billion is now nothing but death, death is everywhere.
The American and Canadian economy has collapsed; people line the streets for bits of scraps.
Thousands die of hunger, disease and exposure every day.
South America has been consumed by the drug war, being civil is not an option, kill or be killed.
Germany has reverted to Dictatorship, 3rd times a charm?
Global warming has caused massive flooding all over the world, earthquakes are a part of everyday life, wild fires have destroyed most of the livestock and food supplies.
The world is collapsing in on its self.
Count your blessings because chances are you wont have them for much longer.

CH 1:
“Sir” SSG. Nick saluted “At ease son, what news have you brought from the East?” General Bryce replied. “Sir” SSG. Nick said laying out a map “we have had a total of 13,000 soldiers killed in France, 22,000 in Italy, Poland and Russia and 7,000 in Spain. The Germans have turned to unrestricted submarine war-fair and have sunk 49 of our battle ships, 67 U-boats, 45 Air craft carriers and have shot down 13 cruise ships, causalities have totaled of 10,670 soldiers and 3,056 civilians.” “Cruise ships?” General Joseph said bewildered “Yes sir” SSG. Nick Replied “but im afraid it only get worst, Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Islamic and even some Buddhist Extremist have formed a terrorist group called the “Holy Cleansing” little information is know about them” “Nothing?” General Bryce sighed with hopelessness in his voice “Well….” SSG. Nick said trailing off “Out with it man” General Bryce said turning toward SSG. Nick “If you have something to say, speak it!” SSG. Nick stared down at the floor ashamed he said anything. After a tense silence SSG. Nick came to attention “We have captured one of the Extremists leaders and is being held in a maximum security cell for questioning and torture.” General Bryce looked down upon SSG. Nick with disgust and hate in his eyes “Why was I not told!” He bellowed “We have let thousands of men die and it could have been prevented!” “Why was I not told!?” He repeated. SSG. Nick hesitated but managed to croak a few words “The over lookers of the torture were supposedly looking out for the greater good.” “I know little about the operations.” “Take it to me NOW!” General Bryce Demanded “Im afraid I cant make that happ…” “Unless you want to be placed on the front lines of the Russian Western front, I highly suggest you make it happen” General Bryce said calmly. SSG. Nick twitched “Yes Sir” He said shakily “Please Follow me.”

Best answer:

Answer by Mr. Gumbo
Writing: Work on your writing technique. Too many SSg’s thrown in there and very hard for some people to read.

Idea: Its been done before but dont stop the book. It can turn out very well if you dont stick to the main idea, and have new ideas and turns in it .

Would I read it: Its not my type of book, but dont be offended, i like reading and writing strictly sci-fi books and pyschology books so dont worry.

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Q&A: Where is a good place to go on vacation?

Question by psychosolodiver: Where is a good place to go on vacation?
I want to go on vacation, but can’t decide. I am single, so I want to get lucky. I also like diving, cage fighting and adventure. I have ruled out Compton, Somalia, Libya and Afghanistan due to extreme danger.

I am seriously thinking about going to North Korea, but I hear it’s tough for an American to get a visa without bribing the embassy in China.

Maybe Northern Iraq?

Antarctica is too expensive.

Any ideas? Please give me some good ideas! No cruises! They’re too boring.

Best answer:

Answer by Lovex
Bahamas !

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Can you post sites where i can find GOOD statilite images of the yangtze river?

Question by qwart: Can you post sites where i can find GOOD statilite images of the yangtze river?

Best answer:

Answer by Wizzy Woman

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Can someone tell me a good company to go to for cruises in Southern China?

Question by templeofblackbelts: Can someone tell me a good company to go to for cruises in Southern China?
I want to have a cruise in the southern part of china with my girl.

Best answer:

Answer by km

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Where can I find good cheap cruises in China?

Question by val: Where can I find good cheap cruises in China?
I’m looking for a cruise in China that will tour the mountains and not big cities but I want something cheap and uniqueish – not just Carnival or Royal carribean cruises in China. Anyone have any ideas where I should look?

Best answer:

Answer by Melissa C
Victoria Cruise Lines has some great cruises of the 3 Gorges & Yangztee River. I work for a tour operator in the states, if you are interested you can contact we specialize in Asia, SE Asia, S Pacific & Latin America.

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