Tachuan Village

by jessica on April 16, 2013

Tachuan Village Tachuan Village

Tachuan Village, located in the 15 kilometers northeast of the Yixian County with about 2 kilometers away from the Hongcun Village, is a unique mountain village with beautiful and rich natural scenery among the natural villages group in Yixian County. It belongs to the typical Jiangnan hilly landscape, which is surrounded by high mountains, clear waters, dense forest, lush bamboo etc. You will sense the birds singing and taste the sweet smell of the followers all the year round; moreover, cloud and mist are curling up the village for four seasons, which makes the environment there very attractive and captivating.

The Tachuan Village has 14 villagers groups with 420 households and 1200 people. And it covers a total area of 10.66 square kilometers, among which there are 9,049 mu garden plot, 1,337 cultivated land and 12,605 forest land. Leaning against the northwest of Yellow Mountain, and facing the ripping Shiliqi Lake, the Tachuan Village looks like a huge tower hiding in the valley and standing among the shade from a long distance. A clear stream breaks away the Gao An Mountain and the Di An Mountain and flowes down along the mountain to pass through the village directly to the beautiful luxury villas lake.

Tachuan Village Tachuan Village

Start from the Hongcun Village and walk along the Hongsi highway with less than 2 kilometers, you will reach the Tachuan Village. When you are in front of the village, you will find many huge ancient trees standing in front of you, and there are camphor trees, Chinese torreya, maples and so on. That is the first scene of the Tachuan Villag—“Five Towering Trees”. After hundreds of years, every tall ancient tree seems to tell the vicissitudes of the Tachuan Village history. And its outcrop of thick roots looks like huge hands to support a giant umbrella for the local people there.

Walking along the Tachuan Village and appreciating the primitive simplicity, harmony and pure and fresh beauty, you trip there will undoubtedly be enjoyable!

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