Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple

by jessica on April 16, 2013

Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple

Located in the Anyuan road in Shanghai city, the Jade Buddha Temple is Buddhist temple not only famous in Shanghai, but also well known at home and abroad. As one of the ten scenic spots of Shanghai tourism and though it located in the heart of the city, it is described as a piece of pure land in the downtown.

Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple

Jade Buddha Temple in Shanghai nowadays is divided into two main parts: the front yard and back yard. The front yard, that is the temple site of the Jade Buddha Temple. Its axis is followed by large screen wall, the Tianwang Hall, Mahavira Hall, Prajnaparamita Zhangs Room (floor upstairs for jade Buddha and scripture-stored tower). East of the Dongshan gate is followed by Shanghai Buddhist Association, Guanyin Hall, Shanghai Institute of Buddhist Studies, Meditation Room, Wuguan Hall and Plain Zhai Department; west of the Xishan Gate are Monastic Reception, Temple Business Office, and storeroom, Copper Buddha Hall, Mahaparinirvana Temple Guest Room and Lezhi Hall. Its back yard, that is the original Liqun hospital site purchased in 2000, has built multi-functional group of buildings, composing of functional lecture hall, guest room, office area, teaching area and dormitory area. Walking inside the Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple, you will find that there is a cultural relics room, which is in possession of those precious cultural relics of the northern Wei, Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Shanghai Jade Buddha Temple is famous for consecrating jade Buddha. The jade Buddha statue in the jade Buddha floor is the temple treasure. The Buddha statue is characterized by exquisite sculpture, exquisite jade texture, glistening thoroughly tick, round and smooth, fluent and beautiful lines, harmony and symmetry proportion of every parts. The whole figure of Buddha looks peaceful, quiet, floats and feminine look, which makes the person look after mind suddenly, having the feeling of super take off all of dust.

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