Question by Britney S: Will Asians Rule The World Specifically The Chinese and The Japanese???
Currently right now the world is ruled by white people even though they are the minority when it comes down to the world’s population. The majority of the Earth’s people are infact Asian and are doing really well econmically. The 2 power Asian countries right now is China and Japan. They are smarter than most White Europeans and White Americans and have better work ethics. A lot of things that we buy is made from China and the technological things we own/purchase come from Japan such as games. Many white men and a few white women are having families with them and are diluting their Caucasian bloodline. Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are a perfect example of this since they both have an asian relative way back and the asian blood showed through with their child Suri Cruise. Every caucasian person in the world could interbreed with them(the Asians) and still there’ll be an astounding amount of pure blooded Asians in the World. When will they kick out white people for world power?

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Answer by marina
yes thatswhat i think!! they’re asians ALL over at my school

make up more than 50% of our school in high school!

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