Question by D&ECouture: When will Congress finally battle these lobbyist so we aren’t paying 6 dollars a gallon next year???
I know everyone (well I’ll say 90 percent) of America is getting affected by the gas prices and even though ya it’s not extremely horrible it still isn’t great… I can’t remember the last time I was paying 300 dollars a month is just gas for my cars alone and basically all we do is go to work, school (kids), and any daily needs that need to be met..

I understand the whole supply and demand concept as well as China and India demanding oil like never before so of course prices will rise but my questions is when will our Congress Men and Women grow a pair and fight these damn lobbyist and environmentalist and drill for resources that are readily there and can help reduce these prices

That or some new alternative technology needs to be made ASAP, you mean to tell me we have fighter jets that look like the size of birds on radar, are cable of cruising at super sonic and we can go into space but we can’t figure something else to run on but gasoline??? whatever

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Answer by Mullah Obama
Look at it this way. Many on the left and in Hollyweird has for decades saying how we need to be more like Europe. Well, when we get to 6 dollas gas, we made it. Get used to it, if we have to pay for a NHS the price of food, gas, everything is gonna go up, up, up.

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