Question by Crad010: What is it with American cars these days?
We hear this and that about transmissions failing on Chryslers, faulty cruise controls on Fords, and goodness knows what about GM vehicles, while the Japanese/Korean/Other Asian Country manufacturers are making the money. I’m trying to buy my first car (used), but I really can’t make a decision. Half of me wants to go and buy a Chrylser 300C or a Dodge Charger, some other part of me wants me to buy an Acura TL or an Infiniti G35. I also want to think about buying a European car like a Mercedes, BMW, or an Audi. I’ve even considered Volvo as my first, but even they can’t keep up in some cases ( ) It’s confusing and maddening. I want to get a car with good fuel economy, and one with quality and safety. Yet everyone wants for people to buy American cars. Most of the workers are in China, perhaps that’s why American car companies are suffering, as well from HORRIBLE management, in part of GM and Ford.
And tell me, is it that hard to fix faulty cruise controls, if the problem’s repeated since 1999? And why is it that GM’s got horrible service these days? And really, Chrysler, is it too much to ask for a decent German transmission?

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Answer by rick y
Ok, don’t buy American, don’t vote, don’t make anything better for the United States economy and most of all, don’t complain about the United States and move out to any of the other countries you like other than this one.

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