Question by Naomi: What do you think of my ideals for raising children?
What I would like for my children
To have the best life I can give them.
I want them (from a young age) to have friends- good ones, and supporting ones, with morals like their own.
To have family structure and big events for holidays, and a wealth of love and support. I want them to feel the structure and respect in the family, and to feel belonging and roots.
I want them to avoid modern acceptable behavior, such as smoking, drinking, speaking out against elders, sex without marriage, etc.
I want them to feel peace in life through religion. It will be a mixed belief, one of god and science, and respect of all cultures and religions.
I want them to be comfortable financially, and give them a head start where possible. But I also want them to work hard and keep that ethic. I will encourage them in their studies, and in holding a job as soon as they are old enough.
I want them to see the world. I want them to experience the thrills and cultures- disney world, a caribbean cruise, paris, london, cairo, india, china, etc. I want them to sample sports and arts, of all kinds, and take up interests (bowling, playing a musical instrument, etc.)
I want them to have experience in etiquette, household, pets, social manners, etc.
These are just some of my thoughts… Any to add?

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Answer by awkwardly balanced
You have the what down – now the how. What you want to add is…

How do you get your kids to perceive that this is what you are gifting them?

Messages of well being need to have someone on the receiving end – what parents think of as advice and gifts of wisdom end up being received as criticism and soul crushing. Two people trying to connect from such a diverse point of view (generation gap) rarely end up communicating effectively. You have to educate yourself about how to understand when your message has been lost in the translation – and that demands lots of ongoing education of yourself about developmental milestones at each age, and then further about what these milestones actually look like in your very own child right there in front of you.

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