Question by rate p: What ae the reasons behind Pentagon’s China-threat report ?
Pentagon launches its China-threat campaign again, It has done that just about every year for past 10 years..

The problem in that ten-year span is that the world did not see a single China’ fleet (they even could not built a aircraft-carrier..) cruising at the doorstep of other sovereign nations. Neither have we seen China warships stationed or sailed on a permanent basis, along the important sea channels connecting the oceans.

On the contrast, it is none other than the US, who has done exactly that! From land to air, from sea to space, the dominance and omnipotence are unmistakably of US military dominance.

So why accusing China as a villain while the US is doing the scoundrel act.?

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Answer by Bushrod Isbister
Scoundrel act? Protecting freedom of the seas is a scoundrel act? The Chinese navy is small, but the Army and Air Force are modern, well equipped forces.

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