Question by Jane D: Transporting my dog from China to Canada..?
Hi everyone,
Ok heres the situation..

I live in China right now and have adopted a dog here, and not just a small dog but a Siberian Husky.
Now my dilemma is this.. I’m moving home to Canada,BC sometime between September and December.
I have read many horror stories of flying dogs oin cargo on airplanes.. and am really scared to risk that. Not to mention it would be a 13 hour flight.
What other options do I have?? I was thinking a cruise maybe.. but I’ve emaied a bunch of cruises and can’t find any from china- canada, and especially any that allow large dogs!

Please help!!! I love him like a son and don’t want to leave him behind!!

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Answer by torywifey07
Sorry I just don’t know… I wish I did though…

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