Question by Strumn4fun: Text/sms 2 way radio?
I’ve been looking around but I can only find 1 product. It seems a little big. I just thought it would be nice on a cruise ship to text using 2 way radios instead of cell phones which costs a lot of money. Using a walkie talkie (2 way radio) to talk can be loud and annoying sometimes when you just want to tell someone to meet up somewhere. I found some china seller website that has it, but it seems like that is aimed more at business to buy so they can sell to consumers.

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Answer by Samuel Rhine
I think this would work best for use on a cruise:

It uses frequency hopping too so it’s more private as it’s hard to listen in on. I’m not sure of how much range it has but regardless talking trough a metal ship body will reduce any range greatly.

Other than that you can use HAM radio software for applications such as PSK31 and various others but it requires a computer to run however.

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