Question by xXallieXx: Plz help! What would you choose?
For my 16th birthday next year my parents are being very generous and they are letting me plan a trip due to the fact that I don’t want to throw a party, but I’m kind of stuck. After a lot of complications it’s come down to two choices:
1. Go on a cruise with friends. I would absolutely love this because it would be fun to have friends around
2. Pick any place in the world to visit. Obviously travelling to somewhere like china would be a stretch but places like Paris, Rome etc.
Idk what to do!! I wanna be with friends but going to somewhere else in the world would b fun. The world trip thing would just be with family though. What would you guys choose? I feel the cruise night be better because the world trip may end up feeling like a family vacation, something we can plan any other year. Help! Plz don’t call me spoiled. I’m surprised my parents would offer this and in very thankful

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Answer by Cami Johns
Cruise fo sho

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