Question by Sam-I-Am: If you were on a sinking ship?
What would be the one thing you’d carry around with you in constant fear?

I had this wacked dream this morning that I was on this holiday cruise with all my friends, the daily activities included bull riding in the sea and tea partys with fancy china.

One of the bulls got out the water and was hella mad, he ran around knocking into people and walls etc, everyone was gathered in this massive room, the the ship began filling with water and thick mud.

So began our quest to escape, only I couldnt concentrate because I was clutching a polka dot china cup under my arm.

Very weird. If only I was more resourceful, I should try Lucid Dreaming.
Seriously, lifeboats and jackets are out the question, youre pretty much going to die. Sorry.

Best answer:

Answer by Sinz & Tattooz
A life boat

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