Question by Jane D: Cruises that allow dogs? China- Canada/or Seattle?
Ok so I mae another post somewhere about transporting my dog.. but no one had any comments about cruises so here it goes..

I’m looking for some type of other way, besides flying, to bring my dog home, from China to Canada.

Does anyone out there know of any boats/cruises from China-Canada???That would allow one large dog?
thank you
Thanks for the helpful information..

Does anyone know what the conditions are like on freighters?? I’m a 22 year old female.. will be travelling alone. When someone says freighter I picture a bunch of scrubby men.. is this safe for me?

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Answer by Sara M
Nope – not the major lines, for sure.

With the possible exception of Cunard, which did have a kennel aboard the QE2. I don’t think they have that on the new ships, however. And their ships go into New York, generally – a China to Canada cruise would be unlikely in the extreme.

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