Purple Mountain

by jessica on May 6, 2013

Purple Mountain, also called BELL MOUNTAIN, is located in the Xuanwu area in Nanjing city.The main peak ‘s elevation is of 448.9 meters with about 30 kilometers. It is national key scenic spot. The national 5 a-class scenic area of Sun Yat-Sen Mausoleum scenic spot is located at its foothill. BELL MOUNTAIN’s three peaks are connected with each other with whose shapes look like megalosaurus. Its mountain, water and city are integrated mass together to make it magnificent and great and momentous. The mountain is steep and winding just as a dragon. Purple Mountain has many scenic spots and historical sites nearby: Zixia Cave in its south, Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum in its front, Meihua Mountain, Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum and He xiangning Tomb in its west, Linggu Park in its east and some mausoleums of the Ming dynasty in its north.

Purple Mountain Purple Mountain

Zhong shan is located in the north temperate zone and subtropical zone, as the plant introduction transition zone, plant variety is rich, trees are lush . It stretches 7 km long in its east-west direction and about 3 km wide in its north-south side.

Purple Mountain Purple Mountain

Nanjing is a subtropical humid climate with its annual average temperature 16 ℃, annual rainfall 1106.5 mm, and the middle of June to the beginning of July are the plum rain season. Nanjing is used to called the stovepipe, July and August sometimes extreme maximum temperature is as high as 40 ℃ and usually is at about 35 ℃, but in recent years it has become the national advanced city landscaping with its greening rate more than 30%; therefore, more and more tourists come to visit Nanjing in summer time. It usually snows in January and February, and it will fire your imagination if you are fortunate to meet the heavy snow in Nanjing as it is so charming and moving. Just go to visit the Purple Mountain by taking the tour buses no.3, 20, 315, 48, 308 and 125 to the Purple Mountain cableway station.

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