Poll #5 One or The Other?

by admin on May 10, 2012

Question by Miamidolfan2354: Poll #5 One or The Other?
Best Buy or Circuit City
Lil Wayne or Kanye West
Advil or Tylonel
Disney or Nickolodean
Lake or Ocean
Carribean Cruise or Alaskan Cruise
16th birthday or 21st brithday
Los Angeles lakers or Boston Celtics
Yankees or Red Socks
Stars or Moon
Grand Canyon or Great Wall of China
Cheese Cake Factory or Olive Garden
Bonus Question: Miami Dolphins or Buffallo Bills
You Know What it Is

Best answer:

Answer by sunshinee.♫
best buy.
Lil wayne
carribean cruise.
21st birthday
LA lakers.
great wall
olive garden

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