Question by : North Korea bombing South Korea peninsula, tensions and outcome?
As you may know recently, North Korea bombed the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong at November 23, 2010. Why did it happen? South Korean tensions have been growing since March when earlier a South Korean naval vessel was bombed and sunk around this area as well. North Korea’s government official Kim Jong II is passing his “power” over to his son Kim Jong Un, which is believed to be ruled as a “king” and not a government leader.

What have other nations said? Russia remains quiet giving suing hints of “peace”, meanwhile China says “it’s concerned” and the United States told the North to cease its “belligerent” action. Hmm… what is South Korean doing? Nothing… is South Korea waiting on the United States to finally take action by it’s lackadaisical and incautious president Barack Obama? Since South Korea relies on its allies, like the United States, will South Korea do anything about the threats and vigorous actions North Korea has done? Or is North Korea trying to show other nations it’s the most “powerful” due to it’s aptitude of warfare?

Should the United States do anything to fix South Korea’s problem?
Do you think Barack Obama is just cruising along the way just lacking leadership and continuously saying “I inherited this problem from the previous administration.”

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Answer by iluvGOD
0bama will do NOTHING but give a long boring speech on this scary situation. Our “president” has no balls or brains. He needs to resign if he knows whats good for this country.

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