Lijiang Ancient Town

by jessica on May 19, 2013

Lijiang Ancient Town Lijiang Ancient Town

Located in the China’s southwestern yunnan province, the Lijiang ancient town also called the Dayan County in the middle of the Lijiang Bar with Xiangshan and Jinhongshan in its north, Lion Mountain in its west and dozens miles of fertile land in its northeast. It is famous historical and cultural city in China, and also one of the ancient towns in the world cultural heritage list.

Lijiang Ancient Town Lijiang Ancient Town

Being an AAAAA level scenic spot, the Lijiang Ancient Town is the hinge of garrison culture and economic communication of the Han culture, Tibetan culture, Bai culture, Naxi since the ancient times and it is the the important town and military strategic position of the southern silk road and the “tea hourse ancient road”. Long-term concurrent blend, concurrent multiple culture and sedimentary deposits of its long history has formed unique national culture represented by naxi ethnic culture. Scenic spots and historical sites can be seen everywhere with various and colorful natural landscape and resplendent brilliant national culture. There also distributes a plenty of characteristics religious buildings around the Lijiang ancient town, including Mahayana and vajrayana Buddhism, Taoism and other religious, of which five temple and north YueMiao are the most famous.

Lijiang Ancient Town Lijiang Ancient Town

Lijiang ancient town is a famous historical and cultural town with high integrated value and overall value, it embodies the local historical culture and national customs amorous feelings and reflects the essence of social progress at that time. Flowing urban space, drainage system full of vitality, architecture group with unified style, residential building with appropriate measure, cordial and pleasant space environment, national art content with unique style make it different from other famous historical and cultural cities in China. Lijiang ancient town is a significant minority traditional settlements and its existence provides valuable informationfor human urban history research and human national history research, it is precious cultural heritage and even the treasure of China and the world.

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