Question by AmplePressure: Is the 3 Gorges Dam on the Yangtze River….?
harmful to the environment of China in comparison to the economic advantages it will bring to the entire country?
The Colorado trickles into Baja….Yangtze 4th largest….heat…light…connect 1/3 of your pop….
but there is a price to pay….what do you think?
River Dolphin? Never heard of it…

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Answer by laiyuzeng
Yes, the construction of the 3 gorges dam making many harmful things to the environment. If you had watch the documentary, “China’s mega Dam” in National Geographic then you will know how much sacrifices was done to built the dam. But I think there’s reason why Chinese government want to build this dam. Perhaps it’s important for the development for China to become one of the world’s superpower

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