Internet services of all cruiseship could be hard to rely on. Just the Leader Prime has access to the internet within the cabin rentals which costs RMB80/hour.
Other ships have internet coffee shops, bookstores which may be used for a small fee. The charge for various ships shows up below:

  • Vitoria Cruise ships: RMB 150/per person for whole cruise and Victoria Prince sailing between Chongqing and Shanghai cost RMB 300/per person for whole cruise.
  • New Century Cruise ships: RMB30/hour
  • Leader Cruise ships: RMB100/ hour
  • China Dragon: RMB60/hour
  • CH Victoria, Yangtze 1, Blue Whale and Sunshine China: RMB60/hour
  • Yangzi Explorer: RMB80/hour
  • Yangtze Gold 1: RMB20/hour and RMB300/per person for whole cruise┬áRooms aren’t internet outfitted.
  • Other secretarial services including photocopying, synchronised converting & typing, pcs, fax abilities might be available for a small fee.