Is Internet Access Available Onboard? Can We Stay In Touch With My Family?

by admin on June 9, 2011

Internet services of all cruiseship could be hard to rely on. Just the Leader Prime has access to the internet within the cabin rentals which costs RMB80/hour.
Other ships have internet coffee shops, bookstores which may be used for a small fee. The charge for various ships shows up below:

  • Vitoria Cruise ships: RMB 150/per person for whole cruise and Victoria Prince sailing between Chongqing and Shanghai cost RMB 300/per person for whole cruise.
  • New Century Cruise ships: RMB30/hour
  • Leader Cruise ships: RMB100/ hour
  • China Dragon: RMB60/hour
  • CH Victoria, Yangtze 1, Blue Whale and Sunshine China: RMB60/hour
  • Yangzi Explorer: RMB80/hour
  • Yangtze Gold 1: RMB20/hour and RMB300/per person for whole cruise┬áRooms aren’t internet outfitted.
  • Other secretarial services including photocopying, synchronised converting & typing, pcs, fax abilities might be available for a small fee.

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