Question by Patrick: IF we went to war with China could we win?
Recently in the news im seeing a lot about the Chinese threat to the USA and how we a rapidly becoming inferior to the chinese government. I was always under the impression that the two would never war because the rely so heavily on each others economies, you know if one were to eliminate the other both economies would collapse. Recently though ive heard a lot about war scenarios and the increasing risk of war. Despite Chinas numbers and apparent “superiority to the USA” I still believe we would win a war against them, right? I mean does chinas navy hiold a candle to the USA’s. Wouldnt we just sit off the coast and just cruise missle the whole place. We would never be able to invade china but those millions of soldiers in the Chinese army would never be able to leave the land and it would most likely be fought on chinese soil. Am I wrong?

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Answer by 砂漠のあずみ
We wouldn’t have a chance against China

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