Question by John D: If someone is killed on a swiss cruise ship in international waters and the person who was killed was from?
US and the person who killed them was from China/North Korea or well any country that dislikes the US but has a good size military. Where will the person be tried? The point of the question is to find out what would happen to the person who broke the law and if two countries that are not on good terms who would try this person. You would assume that a person going to be tried in a country that dislikes americans may have a lighter sentence but if they came to the US they may have a more lengthy sentence. The swiss boat was set in there because the Swiss usually wouldnt get involved in this. So what do you think would happen? Would it involve the military in anyway? If either of these people were in the military would it change how this was tried? There is alot of what if in this question to make this happen but it could.

Im not worried about spelling or grammer mistakes just answer the ?
O and yes landlock countries do actually own cruise ships. They do not have to have ports for them to be owned by a country. This questions does not state they left from a Swiss port.
True but usually the swiss stay out of conflicts and this one could end with a major conflict between 2 countries that are considered military powers
I have read about leon klinghoffer but this is between two countries who have been having disagreements in the current day. yes Italy and the US are not the greatist of friends but Italy could not at the moment match any military might the US has compared to a maybe more even China well atleast more even compared to Italy and the US. Also those were extremist and the arguement was over if they could try them because they ended up in Italy but this is if two countries were fighting over there own citzens and where a trial would be. Also if the trial would be as fair in one country as another.

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Answer by Teekno
A Swiss cruise ship?

Well, I think they should set sail for one of Switzerland’s many bustling seaports and hand them over to the canton authorities.

The law of the nation where the ship is flagged takes precedence.

The Swiss don’t generally get involved in external affairs, but this is an internal affair. A crime that occurred on a Swiss-flagged ship might as well have occurred in downtown Geneva.

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