Question by blnbyrose: I am going with a large group to China with Tibet being part of the trip….?
and then going on a trip up the Yangtze river for a few days. Our group will be about 20 people. We will spend the last 4 days in Beijing. I have been to Beijing once but would like to know if anyone has any recomendations on what to do there? We will be staying within walking distance of Tieneman Square and the Forbiden City. We will see that stuff. Any ideas on cool stuff to take people to when we are there? For instance any restaurants or attractions that you really liked? We will go to the great wall also just looking for a unique experience of something that maybe is not done by your average tourist. We will be on our own so anything is possible. Thank you.

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Answer by REnate
Buy yourselves a good interpreter there are lots of local who will do this for a small sum. Your travel agent may be able to hook you up with an interpreter. Go to the Forbidden City. Your interpreter will tell you other places to see and things to do also restaurant to visit.

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