Question by thecrazyday: hey this is for anyone who likes world history, answer if u no plz.?
These are questions for my exam review and im just hoping that some of you guys can help me. Theres 78 questions. You don’t have to answer all all the questions but answer as many as you can if you want. thx.

1. Where is the Tigris River?
2. Where is the Euphrates River?
3. Where is the Nile River?
4. Why is the Himalayas important?
5. What is the significance of the Yangtze River?
6. What is the significance of the Ganges River?
7. What is the significance of the North China Plain?
8. List the characteristics of a civilization.
9. What were Nomadic Invasions?
10. Describe the River Valley Agriculture.
11. What is the Caste system?
12. What is reincarnation?
13. Who were the Pheonicians?
14. What were the Phonetic symbols used for?
15. Who was Confucious?
16. What is Aristocracy?
17. What is Direct democracy?
18. What is a Monarchy?
19. What is an Oligarchy?
20. What is a Republic?
21. List the common economies of the ancient empires.
22. List some classical art and architecture from Greece.
23. What were the city states in Greece?
24. Describe Roman Law.
25. What were the 12 Tables?
26. What was Pax Romana?
27. What is succession?
28. List the outcomes of the Hellenistic Civilization.
29. What is cultural diffusion?
30. List the Indian Achievements in science.
31. What were the 10 commandments?
32. Compare the original Holy Roman Empire to the one under Fredrick I.
33. What was the government under the Han Dynasty?
34. What was the economy under the Han Dynasty?
35. What were the results of the Bantu Migration?
36. What was the agriculture like under the Bantu’s?
37. What were the political, economic and environmental reasons for the migration?
38. What was the agriculture like in the Americas?
39. What was the trade like in the Americas?
40. What is the House of Wisdom?
41. What is the Qur’an?
42. What were the 5 Pillars of Islam?
43. What is Justinian’s Code?
44. What was Muslim trade and culture?
45. Who were Samurai?
46. What was government like in Feudal Japan?
47. Who was Genghis Khan?
48. What were Germanic tribes?
49. Who was Marco Polo?
50. What was the impact of Nomadic Invasions?
51. Who was Charlemagne?
52. What is Feudalism?
53. What is a Manor System?
54. Who is a lord?
55. Who is a vassal?
56. Who is a knight?
57. List the functions of the guilds.
58. What were the cause and effects of the Commercial revolution?
59. What is the magna carta?
60. What is Parliament?
61. What were the effects of the Crusades?
62. What were stateless societies?
63. What was African trade?
64. List the conquests of the Aztecs.
65. What was the language of the Aztecs?
66. What type of government was run by the Incas?
67. What technology was created by the Incas?
68. What type of trade was developed by the Mayas?
69. What was the language of the Mayas?
70. What was the Renaissance?
71. Who were the Humanists?
72. Who was Leonardo DaVinci?
73. What is Block print?
74. Who is Martin Luther and his beliefs of salvation?
75. What were the selling of indulgences?
76. Describe the Ottoman and Safavid empires.
77. What types of industry were in these empires?
78. What is Cultural Blending?

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Answer by katie and my friend jasmine
i know number 12
number 12 is like when the dead comes back to life as someone/something else.
thats pretty much it. haha

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