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The three island groups that make up the Caribbean islands are __________.
A) Haiti, Aruba, and the Coral Islands
B) Hawaii, Tahiti, and the Philippines
C) Jamaica, Trinidad, and Curacao
D) the Greater Antilles, the Lesser Antilles, and the Bahamas
Today, many Caribbean islands are independent but some remain politically linked to __________.
A) European countries and the United States
B) Mexico and Central America
C) South America
D) Africa and Southeast Asia
Local Caribbean island people who are unskilled workers in the tourist industry __________.
A) make a profitable living because of the popularity of the islands with tourists
B) are poorly paid and often face layoffs in the off-season
C) have migrated from the United States
D) are British subjects
Migrants leaving the Caribbean islands usually travel to __________.
A) Europe, Asia, and South America
B) Africa, China, and India
C) the United States, Central America, and other islands in the region
D) the Philippines
Most of the Caribbean’s present population is descended from __________.
A) Africans, Europeans, and Native Americans
B) North Americans, Europeans, and Native Americans
C) North Americans, South Americans, and Europeans
D) Africans, South Americans, and Asian
The economies of many Caribbean islands today depend largely on __________.
A) tourism
B) manufacturing
C) agriculture
D) forestry
Why don’t islanders benefit directly from profits generated by tourism in the Caribbean?
A) Because they leave the islands during the off-season to work in other countries.
B) Because most of the hotels, airlines, and cruise ships are owned by foreign corporations.
C) Because tourism only thrives during the summer months and leaves local people unemployed during the winter months.
D) Because the local people are unskilled and poorly paid.
There are few Indians living on the Caribben islands today because __________.
A) they migrated to Central America after the arrival of Columbus
B) The mestizos forced them off the land
C) European cruelty and diseases killed most of them
D) They moved to the United States in search of work
All of the following are accurate statements about the economies of the Caribbean islands EXCEPT:
A) Many jobs on the islands have seasonal ups and downs.
B) Agriculture and tourism are the main sources of income in the area.
C) Money spent by tourists is responsible for most of the prosperity of the population.
D) The economy receives a boost from money sent home by people who live outside their homeland.

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