In the north bank of the famous Yangtze River is located the attractive Fengdu Ghost city. The Fengdu County of the Chongqing city is a great tourist place for its unique culture and scenery. Another name of Fengdu is ‘the Amazing County for Chinese Songs’ and ‘the Sequestered City’. However, it is more known as the Ghost city for its mysterious architectures of the buildings in the city. The architectures reflect the netherworld, that’s how it is named as the Ghost city.  Some of them are the Ancestral temple, the Naihe Bridge, the Tianzi hall, the Huangquan road, the hall of Queen Yao, and the Wangxiang platform.
Fengdu ghost city gives a strong historical background to its unique architectural style of the city. Though it is popular for its horror but attractive environment, some parts of the Yangtze River area provide great scenery. The famous mountains near the Yangtze River, some cultural heritage of ancient ghosts in China, the Shuangqui Mountain (national forest Park), great tombs, and great visualization of Chinese ghost are provided in this city. Not only that, the city also allows the visitors to experience a challenge of adventurous driving in Yangtze River. Some other attractions in Fengdu Ghost city are the Sidou Ping forest that gives unforgettable charming scenery. All the attractions are special and thus create an enjoyable travel.
The ticket price to enter the ghost city is more expensive during the peak season from 1st March to October 31st, which is 80 RMB per person. However, from 1st November to 31st February, the ticket will cost only 55 RMB per person. They allow visitors from 7 am till 5.20 pm. A visit to the ghost city during the summer, especially the hottest days, is not advised. Since the city has temperate climate. The best time to visit is during the Ghost town temple fair. It holds at March, 3rd, as per the lunar calendar. The festival consists of custom parade shows. It is an excitement that shall never fade.