Famous historic and cultural site in Shanghai

by vikash on April 18, 2013

Longhua Park

It is located on the Longhua Road which is at the south of the City and famous for the ancient Longhua Temple and Longhua Pagoda, the Evening Bell Striking Ceremony as well as the peach blossoms. The visitors can see the modern architecture and historical sites of the city. The neighboring water towns like Qibao Ancient Town and Zhujiajiao Ancient town are the famous attractions. You can enjoy another world where the ancient houses are huddled by the rivers running through this town and paved road. You will feel the typical local flavors and will surely slow your pace as you will savor their tradition.

Longhua Longhua

Zhujiajiao Ancient Town

This town is located in the suburb of the Shanghai City and is an ancient water town which is famous as it has the history of more than 1700 years. It covers an area of 47 kilometers and it emerges as the bright pearl in the landscapes for the lakes and mountains.

Also known as the Pearl Stream, this town is very well preserved among the other ancient towns of Shanghai. It has unique old bridges across the bubbling streams, small rivers by side the willow tree and houses having courtyards. You can easily escape from the hustles of the modern city to this brand new world of the leisure, antiquity and tranquility.

Jiang’an Temple

Located at the west Nanjing Road and the flourishing downtown area of Shanghai, Jig’an Temple is one of the most popular temples in shanghai. It was put on the list of the key national protection in the year 1983. This temple has history of over 780 years and was built during the period of Three Kingdoms Period at first and called as Hudu Chongyuan Temple. It was moved to its present location from bank of Wusong River in during the Southern Song Dynasty.

Jiang’an Temple Jiang’an Temple

Other historical and cultural sites are Qibao Ancient Town, Confucius Temple, Shanghai Old Street, Fengjing Ancient Town, Ancient Yi Garden and Shikumen Residence.


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