Confucius Temple

by jessica on May 6, 2013

Confucius Temple Confucius Temple

Confucius temple is a set of large-scale ancient architectural complexes, and through the vicissitudes of life, a few times and waste, it is a place to worship and sacrifice to Kongzi, a famous thinker and educator in ancient China. As one of China’s four big temple, it is horned as famous scenic spot along the Qinhuai River and characteristic landscape areas in ancient capital Nanjing and also a famous attraction at home and abroad. Confucius Temple is not only a cultural and educational center in Nanjing since Ming and Qing dynasties, it is also the top one culture and education buildings among the southeast provinces. Nanjing Confucius Temple has now become a famous attraction on the Qinhui River scenic belt characterized by Ming and Qing architectural style. It sets the Dacheng Palace as its center with a north-south axis around construction symmetry. Covering an area of about 26,300 square meters, the Confucius Temple has been Municipality Protected Historic Site .

Confucius temple area is the birthplace of the Nanjing snacks and it has been the city’s hawker centers early the six dynasties. There are 20 snack bars in total. Nanjing Confucius Temple lantern show, also called Qinhuai Lantern Fair, is a kind of characteristics of folk culture activities spreading in Nanjing area which is mainly held during the Spring Festival and Lantern Festival in a year. As an important folk cultural activities, it has become an important part of culture. anjing Confucius Temple lantern show attracts many tourists from home and abroad every year, and they appreciate the lantern show and experience the Jinling folk culture and meanwhile promote the region’s economic development.

Confucius Temple Confucius Temple

The Confucius Temple lantern show has great influence not only on historical significance, humanistic value, economic value but also social impact. As Nanjing area characteristic cultural space, it will further carry forward and inherit. If you want to have a visit there, you can take the city public buses no.4, 7, 44, 49, 62, 304 or take the tour buses No.2, 1, 15 to the Confucius Temple station (north).

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